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Dependency Injection in .NET

Author: Mark Seemann
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Publisher: Manning Publications (30 October 2018)

Dependency Injection has become one of the most dominant practices in the past decade, and it's now required knowledge for .NET developers.

Dependency Injection in .NET, Second Edition teaches readers to use Dependency Injection to reduce hard-coded dependencies between application components. Readers will dive into thoroughly-explained examples and develop a foundation they can apply to any of the many DI libraries for .NET and .NET Core.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in C# (Experts Voice in .Net)

Author: Matthew MacDonald
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Publisher: Apress (30 August 2012)

This book is the most comprehensive and up to date introduction to ASP.NET ever written. Focussing solely on C#, with no code samples duplicated in other languages, award winning author Matthew MacDonald introduces you to the very latest thinking and best practices for the ASP.NET 4.5 technology.

Assuming no prior coding experience, you'll be taught everything you need to know from the ground up. Starting from first principals, you'll learn the skills you need to be an effective ASP.NET developer who is ready to progress to more sophisticated projects and professional work.

You'll be taught how to use object orientation and code-behind techniques to lay out your code clearly in a way other developers can easily understand. You'll learn how to query databases from within you web pages, spice up your layouts using ASP.NET AJAX and deploy your finished websites to production servers. You'll also learn how to debug your code when things go wrong and the performance and scalability issues that can affect your web projects as they grow.

With you book you can take your first step towards becoming a successful ASP.NET developer with confidence.

Exam Ref 70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications (MCSD)

Author: William Penberthy
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Publisher: Microsoft Press (25 September 2013)

Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-486—and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of developing ASP.NET MVC-based solutions. Designed for experienced developers ready to advance their status, Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the Microsoft Specialist level.

Focus on the expertise measured by these objectives:

  • Design the application architecture
  • Design the user experience
  • Develop the user experience
  • Troubleshoot and debug web applications
  • Design and implement security

This Microsoft Exam Ref:

  • Organizes its coverage by exam objectives.
  • Features strategic, what-if scenarios to challenge you.

ASP.NET Core in Action

Author: Andrew Lock
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Publisher: Manning Publications (13 July 2018)


ASP.NET Core in Action is for C# developers without any web development experience who want to get started and productive fast using ASP.NET Core 2.0 to build web applications.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the Technology

The dev world has permanently embraced open platforms with flexible tooling, and ASP.NET Core has changed with it. This free, open source web framework delivers choice without compromise. You can enjoy the benefits of a mature, well-supported stack and the freedom to develop and deploy from and onto any cloud or on-prem platform.

About the Book

ASP.NET Core in Action opens up the world of cross-platform web development with .NET. You'll start with a crash course in .NET Core, immediately cutting the cord between ASP.NET and Windows. Then, you'll begin to build amazing web applications step by step, systematically adding essential features like logins, configuration, dependency injection, and custom components. Along the way, you'll mix in important process steps like testing, multiplatform deployment, and security.

What's Inside

  • Covers ASP.NET Core 2.0
  • Dynamic page generation with the Razor templating engine
  • Developing ASP.NET Core apps for non-Windows servers
  • Clear, annotated examples in C#

About the Reader

Readers need intermediate experience with C# or a similar language.

About the Author

Andrew Lock has been developing professionally with ASP.NET for the last seven years. His focus is currently on the ASP.NET Core framework.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting started with ASP.NET Core
  2. Your first application
  3. Handling requests with the middleware pipeline
  4. Creating web pages with MVC controllers
  5. Mapping URLs to methods using conventional routing
  6. The binding model: retrieving and validating user input
  7. Rendering HTML using Razor views
  8. Building forms with Tag Helpers
  9. Creating a Web API for mobile and client applications using MVCPART 2 - BUILDING COMPLETE APPLICATIONS
  10. Service configuration with dependency injection
  11. Configuring an ASP.NET Core application
  12. Saving data with Entity Framework Core
  13. The MVC filter pipeline
  14. Authentication: adding users to your application with Identity
  15. Authorization: securing your application
  16. Publishing and deploying your application
  18. Monitoring and troubleshooting errors with logging
  19. Improving your application's security
  20. Building custom components
  21. Testing your application

Windows Presentation Foundation Development Cookbook: 100 recipes to build rich desktop client applications on Windows

Author: Kunal Chowdhury
List price: $59.99
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Publisher: Packt Publishing - ebooks Account (23 February 2018)

Gain comprehensive insight into WPF mechanics and capabilities.

Key Features
  • Gain a strong foundation in WPF features and patterns
  • Leverage the MVVM pattern to build decoupled, maintainable apps
  • Increase efficiency through Performance tuning and UI automation
Book Description

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is Microsoft's development tool for building rich Windows client user experiences that incorporate UIs, media, and documents. With the updates in .NET 4.7, Visual Studio 2017, C# 7, and .NET Standard 2.0, WPF has taken giant strides and is now easier than ever for developers to use.

If you want to get an in-depth view of WPF mechanics and capabilities, then this book is for you.

The book begins by teaching you about the fundamentals of WPF and then quickly shows you the standard controls and the layout options. It teaches you about data bindings and how to utilize resources and the MVVM pattern to maintain a clean and reusable structure in your code. After this, you will explore the animation capabilities of WPF and see how they integrate with other mechanisms. Towards the end of the book, you will learn about WCF services and explore WPF's support for debugging and asynchronous operations.

By the end of the book, you will have a deep understanding of WPF and will know how to build resilient applications.

What you will learn
  • Understand the fundamentals of WPF
  • Explore the major controls and manage element layout
  • Implement data binding
  • Create custom elements that lead to a particular implementation path
  • Customize controls, styles, and templates in XAML
  • Leverage the MVVM pattern to maintain a clean and reusable structure in your code
  • Master practical animations
  • Integrate WCF services in a WPF application
  • Implement WPFs support for debugging and asynchronous operations
Who This Book Is For

The book is intended for developers who are relatively new to WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), or those who have been working with WPF for some time, but want to get a deeper understanding of its foundation and concepts to gain practical knowledge. Basic knowledge of C# and Visual Studio is assumed.

Table of Contents
  1. WPF Fundamentals
  2. Using WPF Standard Controls
  3. Layouts and Panels
  4. Working with Data Bindings
  5. Using Custom Controls and User Controls
  6. Using Styles, Templates and Triggers
  7. Using Resources and MVVM Patterns
  8. Working with Animations
  9. Using WCF Services
  10. Debugging and Threading
  11. Interoperability with Win32 and WinForm

Learn Visual Basic: A Step-By-Step Programming Tutorial

Author: Philip Conrod
List price: $74.95
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Publisher: Kidware Software (29 May 2017)

LEARN VISUAL BASIC is a comprehensive step-by-step programming tutorial covering object-oriented programming, the Visual Basic integrated development environment, building and distributing Windows applications using the Windows Installer, exception handling, sequential file access, graphics, multimedia, advanced topics such as web access, printing, and HTML help system authoring. The tutorial also introduces database applications (using ADO .NET) and web applications (using ASP.NET). This curriculum has been used in college and universities for over two decades. It is also used as a college prep advanced placement course for high school students.
The focus of LEARN VISUAL BASIC is to use the objects and capabilities of Visual Basic to build a wide variety of useful desktop applications. Students will also develop their own objects. Some of the applications built include: Stopwatch, Calendar Display, Loan Repayment Calculator, Flash Card Math Game, Database Input Screen, Statistics Calculator, Tic-Tac-Toe Game, Capital City Quiz, Information Tracker (with plotting), Blackjack, Line, Bar and Pie charts, a version of the first video game ever - Pong, and a Telephone Directory.
LEARN VISUAL BASIC is presented using a combination of over 850 pages of self-study notes and over 100 Visual Basic practical examples and applications. To grasp the concepts presented in LEARN VISUAL BASIC, you should possess a working knowledge of Windows and have had some exposure to programming concepts. Our Beginning Visual Basic course would provide you with this exposure.
LEARN VISUAL BASIC requires the Microsoft Windows operating system. This tutorial also requires the free Community Edition or Professional Edition of Microsoft Visual Studio. The Visual Basic source code solutions and all needed multimedia files are included in the compressed download file available from the Publisher's website ( after book registration.

Linux Command Line (Cover all essential Linux commands): A Beginner's Guide

Author: Ray Yao
List price: $13.99
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Publisher: Independently published ( 9 June 2018)

"Linux Command Line" is a beginner's guide for fast learning Linux commands which are frequently used by Linux administrators or beginners. The book covers all essential Linux commands as well as their operations, examples, and explanations. It also includes Linux Helping commands, symbols, shortcut keys, run levels and Vi commands, 100 Linux Command Tests and Answers.
From this book, you can easily learn:
How to run all essential Linux commands.
How to copy, move, and delete files and directories.
How to create, remove, and manage users and groups.
How to access the Linux server, and use SSH commands.
How to operate the run levels and change the run levels
How to navigate at the command line by helping commands.
How to compare files, find out a file, manipulate file contents
How to start a job, stop a job and schedule a job.
How to manage permissions, ownership of files, directories
How to connect across a network, communicate with a network.
How to transfer files over a network, send network messages
And much more skill......
There is a long chart containing all common Linux commands in this book, which can give you a great help in your job or study. You can learn all essential Linux commands quickly.
Appendix 100 Linux Command Tests and Answers
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Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0

Author: Christian Nagel
List price: $60.00
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Publisher: Wrox (11 April 2016)

A true professional's guide to C# 6

Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0 provides complete coverage of the latest updates, features, and capabilities, giving you everything you need for C#. Get expert instruction on the latest changes to Visual Studio 2015, Windows Runtime, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Windows Store Apps, Windows Workflow Foundation, and more, with clear explanations, no-nonsense pacing, and valuable expert insight. This incredibly useful guide serves as both tutorial and desk reference, providing a professional-level review of C# architecture and its application in a number of areas. You'll gain a solid background in managed code and .NET constructs within the context of the 2015 release, so you can get acclimated quickly and get back to work.

The new updates can actively streamline your workflow, with major changes including reimagined C# refactoring support, a new .NET Web app stack, and the .NET compiler platform that makes C# and Visual Basic compilers available as APIs. This book walks you through the changes with a comprehensive C# review.

  • Explore the new Visual Studio templates for ASP.NET Core 1.0, Web Forms, and MVC
  • Learn about the networking switch to HttpClient and ASP.NET Web API's replacement of WCF Data Services
  • Work with the latest updates to the event log, Windows Runtime 2.0, and Windows 8.1 deployment and localization
  • Dig deep into the new .NET 5.0 GC behaviors and the Migrations addition to ADO.NET

Microsoft has stepped up both the cadence and magnitude of their software releases. Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0 shows you everything you need to know about working with C# in a real-world context.

C# in 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast!

Author: Ray Yao
List price: $13.99
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Publisher: Independently published (21 July 2018)

About This Book
This Book Absolutely for Beginners:
"C# in 8 Hours" covers all essential C# knowledge. You can learn complete primary skills of C# fast and easily. The book includes more than 80 practical examples for beginners and includes a quick study chart.
Source Code for Download:
This book provides source code for download; you can download the source code for better study, or copy the source code to your favorite editor to test the programs.D
Download link:
Table of Contents
Hour 1 C# Introduction
Hour 2 Operators Struct Enum
Hour 3 Control Structures
Hour 4 String & Array
Hour 5 Function & Exception
Hour 6 Class & Object
Hour 7 Access Modifiers
Hour 8 Static Abstract Interface......
And much more......
Appendix C# Quick Study Chart

Click the Buy button now, start coding today!

Dynamics 365 Application Development: Master professional-level CRM application development for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Author: Deepesh Somani
List price: $49.99
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Publisher: Packt Publishing - ebooks Account (30 January 2018)

Learn, develop, and design applications using the new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Key Features
  • Implement business logic using processes, plugins, and client-side scripts with MS Dynamics 365
  • Develop custom CRM solutions to improve your business applications
  • A comprehensive guide that covers the new features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and increasingly advanced topics.
Book Description

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is the most trusted name in enterprise-level customer relationship management. Thelatest version of Dynamics CRM comes with the important addition of exciting features guaranteed to make your life easier. It comes straight off the shelf with a whole new frontier of updated business rules, process enhancements, SDK methods, and other enhancements.

This book will introduce you to the components of the new designer tools, such as SiteMap, App Module, and Visual Designer for Business Processes. Going deeper, this book teaches you how to develop custom SaaS applications leveraging the features of PowerApps available in Dynamics 365.Further, you will learn how to automate business processes using Microsoft Flow, and then we explore Web API, the most important platform update in Dynamics 365 CRM. Here, you'll also learn how to implement Web API in custom applications. You will learn how to write an Azure-aware plugin to design and integrate cloud-aware solutions. The book concludes with configuring services using newly released features such as Editable grids, Data Export Service, LinkedIn Integration, Relationship Insights, and Live Assist.

What you will learn
  • Discover new designers tools included in Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Develop apps using the platform-agnostic Web API
  • Leverage Azure Extensions to design cloud-aware applications
  • Learn how to implement CRUD operation
  • Create integrated real-world apps using Microsoft PowerApps and Flow by combining services such as Twitter, Facebook, and SharePoint
  • Configure and use Artificial Intelligence Azure Cognitive Services for Recommendation and Text Analytic services
Who This Book Is For

This book targets skilled developers who are looking to build business-solution software and are new to application development in Microsoft Dynamics 365, especially for CRM.

Table of Contents
  1. Customize Application Navigation
  2. Design Apps Using App Module Designer
  3. Define Processes using Visual Process Designer
  4. Define Business Rules using Business Rule Designer
  5. Creating Custom Business Apps
  6. Automate Business Processes using Microsoft Flow
  7. Develop Apps using Web API
  8. Leverage Azure Extensions in Dynamics 365
  9. Using Editable Grids in Apps
  10. Configure Microsoft Cognitive Services
  11. Train the users through Learning Path
  12. Other New Features in Dynamics 365