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.NET Issues Investigate failing System.Drawing.Common tests in RS4 dotnet\corefx#29858
CoreCLR Issues Remove -Rebuild option from build scripts dotnet\coreclr#18089
csharp Stefan Hausotte Cross platform csharp IDE written with UI framework.
csharp dotnetcore visualstudio Owen Ashurst Doing some late night coding csharp dotnetcore visualstudio
.NET Issues Why SyntaxNode.Contains(SyntaxNode) returns true for n.Contains(n)? dotnet\roslyn#27055
Joe @ Home/Work/Cell Hey, now that C# is on GitHub... cc @dotnet
dotnet Michael Crump NET Framework May 2018 Preview of Quality Rollup for Windows 10 -
mycsharp developer csharp Neues Thema: Zelle in Excel formatieren : Timmi (
fp concurrency dotnet Manning Publications Learn the parallel function pipeline pattern, an excerpt from Concurrency in .NET @TRikace fp concurrency dotnet
java python csharp Tina Lee But much to choose from... Python needs, Java needs, Front end (HTML, PHP, J'script), C#... what am I to do??? java python csharp Email me at
.NET Issues Update Standard to servicing-26522-02 (release/2.0.0) dotnet\corefx#29856
CoreFX Issues Disable System.DirectoryServices ActiveDirectory tests on Nano Server dotnet\corefx#29857
.NET Issues Change placeholder configurations filtering to just skip that config instead of exiting dotnet\buildtools#2042
C# OSS Azure-event-grid-viewer - Live view of events from Azure Event Grid with Cor...
angular csharp StackPair Front End Engineer - Product at DocuSign (San Francisco, California)
.NET Issues Get access to build.common.targets in publish.msbuild in master dotnet\standard#751
CoreFX Issues Get access to build.common.targets in publish.msbuild in 2.0.0 dotnet\standard#752
Roslyn Issues Diagnostic Improvements for error 0281 dotnet\roslyn#27052
github up for grabs [dotnet][machinelearning]Entry-points and API for "Loaders" Need Models
dotnet SDK csharp code DocuSign API Did you realize how nice of a pairing @DocuSign + the dotnet platform is? Check out our C# SDK and see what's going on ➡
office mycsharp developer csharp Neues Thema: Zelle in Excel formatieren : Timmi (
.NET Issues Mark delete_next_card_table dotnet\coreclr#18086
github up for grabs [dotnet][machinelearning]Feature type, input, and output validation should happen much earlier
csharp Code Review SE Get all combinations of selecting k elements from an n-sized array
.NET Issues Rename config.json task to avoid confusing run.cmd in master dotnet\standard#749
CoreFX Issues Rename config.json task to avoid confusing run.cmd dotnet\standard#750
Brendan Enrick Want to stay up-to-date on the latest in C#? Check out my course bundle on DevIQ to keep your C# skills sharp!
dotnet reutersfintech Dimitris Schoinas The latest The Dimitris Schoinas Daily!
.NET Issues Fix race in test waitone1 dotnet\coreclr#18085
CoreFX Issues Fix HttpClient TLS tests dotnet\corefx#29851
github up for grabs [dotnet][machinelearning]http://ML.NET/ repo does not have a place to showcase community examples
.NET Issues Updated file with "copy always" does not get copied dotnet\project-system#3568
potential impact dotnet Deloitte Malta NET Developers wanted! Explode your potential! Join us at Deloitte Digital What impact will you make? dotnet
.NET Issues Branding for CLI without a suffix still shows ReleaseSuffix in the branding dotnet\cli#9328
CoreFX Issues Fix EventCounter Demo code to be more robust. dotnet\corefx#29849
dotnet gitHub Jeremy Likness ⚡️ Video: what is it like to work on dotnet remotely through gitHub as part of the .NET community?
github up for grabs [dotnet][docs]What is time unit for timeout?
.NET Issues DotNet SDK doesn't depend on all dependencies? dotnet\sdk#2262
Valarie Beadle How to cook eggs perfectly every time.
dotNET dotnetcore JavaScript Ed Charbeneau #Blazor There's so much going on in this release of @telerik Web UI it's bonkers! Modern UI for dotNET, dotnetcore & JavaScript. Now supporting Chatbots. The R2 2018 Release is Live!
WinDbg ClrMD csharp debugging Kevin Gosse I just published on CriteoLabs the part 3 of the series on how to extend the new WinDbg: Or how to embed a C# interpreter directly in WinDbg to script with ClrMD without leaving the debugger csharp debugging
Discover .NET There are a lot of help wanted issues in the .NET community and each one is an opportunity to jump in and contribute:
.NET Issues Inefficient array clearing of DefaultArrayPool.Return() dotnet\corefx#29848
uɒɹɥəɯ Wow... asp .net core rocks in TechEmpower Round 16
🆁🅰🆃🅰🅽 In core 2.1, setting up functional testing project got much easier with the release of Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Testing nuget package
csharp 天使饼干与猫耳继电器 Csharp a way to generate a random hex string
Discover .NET The search lets you find projects, issues, blog posts, and more related to a particular topic. For example, to see what the community is saying about security in .NET:
Jeff Fritz From @aspnet: RendleLabs/dotnet-unpkg: Unpkg client for dotnet
dotNET Progress Telerik If you’re looking for an industry insider view on the latest in dotNET, http://including.NET/ Standard 2.0, read this ebook
XAML ASP JavaScript Coding Jobs Software Engineer. Strong C# development and solutions programming skills based on multi-tiered architecture using C#, XAML, ASP.Net, and JavaScript
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