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Roslyn Issues Localize strings used in new Tools->Options .editorconfig generation feature dotnet\roslyn#28584
CoreFX Issues PostAsync_ReuseRequestContent_Success fails on OSX 10.13 dotnet\corefx#31104
CoreCLR Issues [Arm64/Linux] _il_relldobj_V failing. dotnet\coreclr#18939
Opto 22 Opto 22 provides several free .NET libraries for interacting with Opto 22 devices. See what's available on our website:
docker dotnetcore Mark Clearwater I Blogged: .Net on Docker - What's in my Dockerfile? Tips and Tricks
Gael Fraiteur Interesting limitation of Assembly.LoadFrom on .NET Core. Important to know if you load plug-ins at runtime.
csharp ShitSharp ToString or AsString, that is the question. csharp
CSharp Programming SharePoint Efyko Efyko Adding fields to SharePoint lists with the AddFieldAsXml method
SpireOffice OfficeDevelopment DotNet Lucia_Lina Download SpireOffice free Community Edition, a stand-alone OfficeDevelopment Suite for DotNet by @eiceblue
CoreFX Issues Miscellaneous improvements in System dotnet\standard#823
Claims CSharp Programming SharePoint Efyko Convert SharePoint login name to claims format and back using C# Claims CSharp Programming SharePoint via @Efyko
Bruno Garcia New @getsentry .NET SDK has initial docs as its API gets closer to go live:
Joe Unity’s Burst compiler can get our C# code faster than vanilla C++. Note that right now Burst is very early tech, I expect it will get even better performance later on.
CareerDevsCodePush RI SiliconRhode CSharp Selenium Juan Carlos Montoya Created custom methods for controls in Selenium with C# @careerdevs CareerDevsCodePush RI Day44 - SiliconRhode CSharp Selenium
dotnet DotNetKicks DNK Insiders. See all of the new stories
Coders Developer CSharp miracle No! Nooo! Nooooooo! This is my code! Coders Developer CSharp
CoreFX Issues Fix HttpWebRequest when using system proxy settings dotnet\corefx#31100
Aaron Stannard Is there a way to _require_ someone to specify a customer parameter inside a custom `dotnet new` template? I.E. require a user to pass in a url to a NuGet feed or the `dotnet new` operation fails. Looks like there's ways to specify optional ones:
CoreFX Issues Make Environment.Version return the actual runtime version dotnet\corefx#31099
Roslyn Issues Several simplifications to TypeSymbolWithAnnotations dotnet\roslyn#28583
CoreFX Issues New network stack in 2.1 and authentication via internet explorer? dotnet\corefx#31098
CoreCLR Issues Fixing markdown list formatting dotnet\coreclr#18936
CoreFX Issues Ensure we generate version prop before sync parallel build dotnet\corefx#31097
SharePoint CSharp Programming VisualStudio Kioya Efyko Visual Studio ChannelOperationTimeout "while invoking commands in SharePoint host process"
Roslyn Issues Analyzers have a different result for build and intellisense dotnet\roslyn#28582
CoreCLR Issues [JIT] Emitted bounds check comparing a constant index against a constant length dotnet\coreclr#18934
dotnet DotNetKicks GitHub Desktop tips by @jerriepelser dotnet via @DotNetKicks
Roslyn Issues Code Style Options set via Tools → Options do not automatically refresh dotnet\roslyn#28581
CoreCLR Issues Implementing the Avx2 AlignRight, Blend, and ConvertTo* hwintrinsics. dotnet\coreclr#18933
flurl dotnet Jacob Jedryszek Flurl - cool dotnet lib that makes creating http requests easier, also: neat testing
VSLive dotNET Visual Studio Live! New on the VSLive blog! Getting up to speed with everything dotNET:
CoreFX Issues EnumConverter doesn't support UInt64 enums properly dotnet\corefx#31095
CoreCLR Issues Fix disabled test name dotnet\coreclr#18932
csharp machinelearning dotnet Mete Atamel Curious about how to use @gcpcloud Vision API with csharp? We just published a codelab for it! machinelearning dotnet
C# OSS Xfparallax - Xamarin Forms Parallax View library
csharp C# Helper Find Mersenne primes in C#
aspnet webapi csharp InfoWorld Understand parameter binding in Web API, by @joydipkanjilal -
.NET Team Our Jeff Fritz will be hosting another one of his FREE workshops this Friday. This week, tune in and learn about software architecture concepts with EIGHT amazing co-hosts pair-programming all day with Jeff.
CoreFX Issues Drastic network io performance degradation in Docker dotnet\corefx#31094
dotnet DotNetKicks Visualizing Data with Power BI by @wintellectuals dotnet via @DotNetKicks
aspnet webapi angular DotNetCurry "Securing ASP .NET Web API using Token Based Authentication and using it in Angular.js application" aspnet webapi angular
CodingBootcamp techcareers Grand Circus Finding a path into tech that is right for YOU is so important to your long-term success in the industry. Learn more about Lanna's story.
Webinar dotNET Levvel Webinar on July 19: Learn how .NET Core can enable a more agile and modern transformation for your company's infrastructure. Register:
NowPlaying Hisoka Sonata No. 14 "Moonlight" in C-Sharp Minor", Op. 27 No. 2: I. Adagio sostenuto de Ludwig van Beethoven, Paul Lewis
Janak Shrestha Check out .NET Core global tool to display outdated NuGet packages in a project.
CoreFX Issues Getting rid of ImmutableArray<T>.IsDefault ? dotnet\corefx#31093
Dotnet Microsoft Dev Engineering Ela Mościcka 📢📢📢📢 Want to be a Speaker🗣️ during .NET Conf (which is a free, online virtual conference for the community from the community)? Submit you session proposal: Dotnet Microsoft Dev Engineering 📢📢📢
Developer Team Telerik UI for WPF R2 2018 (2018.2.620) Retail » Developer Team :: Best choice for developers! via @getmyW
ASPNET Core Issues Use IApiDescriptionGroupCollectionProvider from a dotnet tool aspnet\Mvc#8093
Leszek Ciesielski 🇪🇺 This one (with the caveat from the second tweet) is quite nifty. Also remember to check IL and see for what is happening underneath all the syntax sugar :-)
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