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.NET Issues Improve multi-segment Utf8JsonReader test coverage for ReadOnlySequence dotnet\corefx#33584
CoreFX Issues Refactor duplicate code between single and multi-segment for Utf8JsonReader (where possible) dotnet\corefx#33585
.NET Core Lab Issues Fix Reset() on DS enumerators dotnet\corefxlab#2590
Luis Borges I liked a @YouTube video Daniil Trifonov - Fantaisie-Impromptu In C-Sharp Minor, Op. 66
RoslynProject Issues Shared project reports wrong DTE project kind dotnet\project-system#4291
.NET Issues Editing a csproj file through the integrated diffing tool is not possible dotnet\project-system#4292
sharepoint office office365 Dmitri Plotnikov 30DaysMSGraph – Day 15 – Microsoft Graph in .Net Core application
Azure MSFTAdvocate Sylvia Bautovic Learn the skills you need to create a full event processing pipeline in Azure. Check out the course here
dotnet Tammy Searle Introducing Time-Travel-Debugging in OzCode 4.0 - The OzCode Blog
dotnet DotNetKicks Friday Five: Creating a Multi-Arch Docker Image with Azure DevOps, and More! by MVPAward dotnet via DotNetKicks
.NET Issues Update CoreClr, CoreSetup to preview-27119-01, preview-27118-04, respectively (master) dotnet\corefx#33583
James Newton-King ♔ Discuss best practice: @nuget has a new symbol server. Should a .NET library embed PDB files in the NuGet package or use a symbol package?
GitHub opensource Git Startracker is getting crazy ! They just reached 2222 🌠 ! C# GitHub opensource
csharp developers hotverycool Do C# developers have 20/20 vision? csharp developers — (virallinkz) November 19, 2018
xamarin ios android dotnet Matthew Proctor Xamarin.Forms support has been added to https://ErrLog.IO/ - track mobile errors easily! xamarin ios android dotnet
csharp developers VRL.NZ Do C# developers have 20/20 vision?
Roslyn Issues FindRefsPresenter has inadequate testing. dotnet\roslyn#31245
dotnet DotNetKicks Why do we need Q#? by VisualStudio dotnet via DotNetKicks
Freelance Jobs Feed Ability to take a proxy interview call for dotnet
endregion Roslyn Issues Parsing text to syntax and inserting into class generates invalid output with endregion at the end dotnet\roslyn#31242
endregion .NET Issues Parsing text to syntax and inserting into class generates invalid output with endregion at the dotnet\roslyn#31242
C# projects Need a resource for 3 months
dotnet DotNetKicks Q# Advent Calendar 2018 by VisualStudio dotnet via DotNetKicks
csharp dev performance Bernhard Wurm Performance Studies first prototypes done. Take away Look at tue csharp 7-7.2 Features and get Factor 4 and more performance increase when working with massive amount of data. dev performance
.NET Issues Fixes to allow non-.NET base class libraries dotnet\corert#6591
Даниал Заиди I liked a @YouTube video How to use Greater than and Less than Operators in a Program in C-Sharp (EP-06)
dotnet markmcardle Cloud, Data and AI Services training roundup September 2018 by SQLServer dotnet via DotNetKicks
dotnet DotNetKicks Xamarin.Forms 3.4.0: Say Hello to ImageButton | by XamarinHq dotnet via DotNetKicks
WPF dotnet Michael Crump Getting Started with .NET Core 3 – Create a WPF Application by @brianlagunas -
dotnet DotNetKicks Genesis Episode: This is Block Talk by Ch9 dotnet via DotNetKicks
fsharp Andrea This just worked (on ubuntu) you do get a warning about FAKE 5 but fsi and fake are working (which is all that is needed now) fsharp
aspnetcore Kubernetes draft docker Carlos Mendible To run your aspnetcore application on Kubernetes just run: dotnet new mvc draft create --pack=csharp draft up and you are good to go. draft docker
unity3d csharp Uchechukwu Getting started with immersive technologies. This a presentation I prepared to help beginners learn to develop simple VR apps using unity3d and csharp. Get it on slide share. via @SlideShare
Lestari Ningratna S C# Programming Book – Free C# Training, Presentations and Videos
dotnet DotNetKicks Private Mode Browsers by ericlaw dotnet via DotNetKicks
RecetasDevOps I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Azure DevOps : Mi primera build Asp .Net Framework
CoreFX Issues Help needed: Using VSTS CI to build and package shared libraries that project reference themselves dotnet\cli#10358
RecetasDevOps I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Azure DevOps : Mi primera build Asp .Net Core
C# projects Need a resource for 3 months
nullable Roslyn Issues Verify formatting of nullable dotnet\roslyn#31241
dotnet DotNetKicks Visual Studio Toolbox: Unit Testing: Moq Framework by rogreen_ms dotnet via DotNetKicks
csharpdigest csharp shaders wpf hlsl Anu Viswan Glad, honoured to be included in csharpdigest 233 again.... Thanks @csharpdigest csharp shaders wpf hlsl
DeeDee Walsh 🤖#UnifiedRobotics NET Core tooling update for Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9 by @dotnet
Bala Subra Functional Programming in C#: Map, Filter, and Reduce Your Way to Clean Code via @SubMain
unity csharp maze gamedev map Fethi Isfarca Next week Friday at school we will most likely continue with the procedural map generation :) Since I currently feel like it, I'm working on it before ;) Is just a little uninteresting, but wanted to show it anyway ^^ To be continued... unity csharp maze gamedev map
Developer Team AppLife Update » Developer Team :: Best choice for developers! via @getmyW
.NET Issues Can we rename c# fields recognized by the runtime if we update the c++ code as well? dotnet\coreclr#21075
dotnet DotNetKicks GitHub Desktop 1.5 available today by GitHub dotnet via DotNetKicks
visualstudio dotnet Michael Crump Visual Studio Productivity Tips: Create a project from existing code -
Azure AI CognitiveServices dotnet Mark Gossa Got my first .NET app working with the Azure Speech SDK and TextAnalytics Azure, AI, CognitiveServices, dotnet
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