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Build a Photo Viewer Using the New FTP Classes in .NET 2.0

Yet another highly useful but underappreciated feature of .NET 2.0? How about the FTPWebRequest and FtpWebResponse classes? These nifty classes let you built FTP file access right into your applications. See how it's done with this handy photo viewer example.

Enum Utilities

In this article I will discuss some classes I've written to simplify working with enumerations. The primary thrust of these classes is added functionality, but in some cases there are performance improvements as well.
2008-02-17 06:00:00   Source: Enum Utilities   Tags: Components

Creating a Class Factory with C# and .NET

Class factories are a very useful and powerful design pattern that can facilitate the creation and use of classes without prior knowledge of what those classes are.
2011-03-07 23:59:00   Source: Creating a Class Factory with C# and .NET   Tags: C#

RAII (Resource Acquisition Is Initialization) C# helper classes

Some useful RAII C# helper classes for functionality that does not implement IDisposable.
2010-10-29 16:28:00   Source: RAII (Resource Acquisition Is Initialization) C# helper...   Tags: C#

Getting Rid of Your Code Behind

You know you should be moving code out from behind your forms, windows and web pages and into stand-alone classes. Everyone preaches that this is what to do, everyone shows you examples of ViewModel classes, but no one really shows you a real-world example of how to get rid of the code behind.

2012-06-26 18:00:00   Source: Getting Rid of Your Code Behind   Tags: Examples

Dumping .NET classes to debug output

Class to convert .NET classes into readable debug output with less effort
2010-04-22 14:57:00   Source: Dumping .NET classes to debug output   Tags: Debug

A C# data import caching solution utilizing generics and your existing business classes.

Leverage your existing classes and the power of generics to speed up and simplify importing denormalized data into your system.
2010-07-07 22:09:00   Source: A C# data import caching solution utilizing generics and...   Tags: C#

Dynamic... But Fast: The Tale of Three Monkeys, A Wolf and the DynamicMethod and ILGenerator Classes

How to use the DynamicMethod and ILGenerator classes to create dynamic code at runtime that outperforms reflection

Cryptography : Symmetric Encryption by Symmetric Algorithm Classes – Part 1

This Blog enable you to understand the basic of Cryptography with Symmetric Encryption Algorithm Classes.
2012-08-18 12:05:00   Source: Cryptography : Symmetric Encryption by Symmetric...   Tags: Algorithms

Data and Command Bindings for Silverlight MVVM Applications

This article summerizes two utility classes used for data and command bindings in Silverlight MVVM applications and demonstrates how to use the two classes with a running example.
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