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Enable MultiSelect in WPF ListView (2)

Make your ListView support item selection by dragging
2010-07-19 12:46:00   Source: Enable MultiSelect in WPF ListView (2)   Tags: WPF

WPF ListView which can do - Sorting, Filtering, Totals, Cell-focus, Editing, and More

Enhanced WPF ListView that is almost a DataGrid
2010-04-17 19:41:00   Source: WPF ListView which can do - Sorting,...   Tags: WPF Components

Using converters to aggregate a list in a ListView

Explanation on how to use converters to calculate the sum, largest, average, etc., of the items in a ListView.

Using the New ListView Control in ASP.NET 3.5

ASP.NET's new ListView control provides template-based layout for both display and CRUD database operations, making it an extremely way to build data-centric Web applications.
2008-07-17 16:48:15   Source: Using the New ListView Control in...   Tags: ASP.NET

Add Flexible Sort Capabilities to ListView Controls

Learn how to make the ListView control sort by a column when a user clicks on a column header, sort by all columns, or sort in just about any other way you can imagine.

Developing an Autofilter ListView

Microsoft Excel has a very useful auto-filter function. With this function enabled on a column, the user is able to select filters from a drop-down list, which when selected, are applied to the column. This article describes how to add similar filter functionality to the WPF ListView control.
2008-07-08 07:50:00   Source: Developing an Autofilter ListView   Tags: Components GUI

Generic Dictionaries: Hidden Treasure of System.Collections.Generic

Generic dictionaries simplify common tasks, such as coordinating selection between a TreeView and a ListView—but their capabilities extend far beyond that, once you realize you can use DynamicInvoke() to execute delegates stored in the dictionary.
2006-08-17 20:30:41   Source: Generic Dictionaries: Hidden Treasure of...   Tags: C#

WPF Custom Control - FilterControl for ListBox/ListView

WPF Custom Control FilterControl - Can be used along with any ItemsControl

Sorting an Observable Collection using the view model from the MVVM pattern

The purpose of this article is how to allow sorting of controls (e.g. a Listview) that are bound to an ObservableCollection using the MVVM (model, view, view model) pattern and the sorting takes place in the view model.
2011-04-07 11:34:00   Source: Sorting an Observable Collection using the view model...   Tags: Algorithms