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Simplifying the WPF TreeView by Using the ViewModel Pattern

This article explores how to use the ViewModel pattern to make it easier to work with the TreeView control in WPF. Along the way, we examine why people often have difficulty with the WPF TreeView, what a ViewModel is, and two demo applications that show how to combine a TreeView with a ViewModel. One of the demos shows how to create a searchable TreeView, the other demonstrates how to implement lazy-loading (a.k.a. load-on-demand).
2008-05-22 21:22:00   Source: Simplifying the WPF TreeView by...   Tags: GUI Examples

Advanced ClientSide TreeView v1.5

This article explains the use of TreeView control developed in JavaScript. As you all may be familiar with the existing ASP.net TreeView provided with .Net framework, this control actually tries to mimic the same in coding style. So, developers who have worked on ASP.Net TreeView control would find it much easier to implement.
2010-04-06 14:47:00   Source: Advanced ClientSide TreeView v1.5   Tags: ASP.NET Components

ASTreeView - A Free TreeView Control for ASP.NET

A full functional treeview control for ASP.NET, including drag and drop, Ajax loading, context menu, dropdown treeview.
2010-06-14 07:30:00   Source: ASTreeView - A Free   Tags: ASP.NET Components

Replacing TreeView with ListBox

TreeView is not good enough to support millions of nodes. Simulating ListBox might help.
2011-10-06 06:45:00   Source: Replacing TreeView with ListBox   Tags: Components

Using Silverlight TreeView to Display BI Dimension

It explains how to display business intelligence dimension tabel using Silverlight TreeView
2010-11-09 12:57:00   Source: Using Silverlight TreeView to...   Tags: Silverlight

Silverlight TreeView with Crud

A silverlight TreeView control with Crud operations
2011-02-15 23:00:00   Source: Silverlight TreeView with Crud   Tags: Components

Using the TreeView Control and a DataList to Create an Online Image Gallery

the treeview control, when viewed through a browser.

ASP.NET version 2.0 includes a wide array of Web controls not found in previous versions. One such control is the TreeView, which is ideal for displaying hierarchical data. The TreeView control can be bound to a hierarchical data source such as the XmlDataSource or SiteMapDataSource, or can be constructed programmatically.

One common source of hierarchical data is the web server's file system. In many scenarios, there may be a folder that contains subfolders and files that the user needs to be able to browse. Using the classes in the System.IO namespace, we can programmatically populate the TreeView with the directory structure of our website. Then, when the user clicks a folder, the selected folder's files can be displayed.

In this article we will examine how to create a simple image gallery web page that's a breeze to maintain. The image gallery lacks the bells and whistles found in more complex and feature-rich image galleries, but this one is a cinch to deploy and maintain. We'll be using two Web controls: a TreeView to list the folders and subfolders in which the images reside; and a DataList control that lists each image in the selected folder..

2006-08-29 19:00:00   Source: Using the TreeView Control and a...   Tags: ASP.NET


A treeview with multiple columns.
2010-07-28 00:52:00   Source: MultiColumnTree   Tags: Components

Generic Dictionaries: Hidden Treasure of System.Collections.Generic

Generic dictionaries simplify common tasks, such as coordinating selection between a TreeView and a ListView—but their capabilities extend far beyond that, once you realize you can use DynamicInvoke() to execute delegates stored in the dictionary.
2006-08-17 20:30:41   Source: Generic Dictionaries: Hidden Treasure of...   Tags: C#

ExpTreeLib Version 3 - Explorer-like Navigation and Operation for your Forms

A Class Library for building Forms with a folder navigation TreeView and form specific ListViews that can be tailored for your application and behave like Windows Explorer. Full documentation.
2012-07-17 07:39:00   Source: ExpTreeLib Version 3 - Explorer-like Navigation and...   Tags: Components