About Dotnetcat

This site is dedicated to the Microsoft .NET technology and provide the quintessence of assorted news and articles about C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, .NET programming snippets, performance tweaks and more.

For whom?

Most of all this site can be interesting for developers, who develops .NET-based applications or for everyone who is interested in the latest .NET industry information, news and events.

News sources?

We use only trusted news sources, such as Microsoft, GotDotNet, DotNetJunkies, CodeProject and other. All news is moderated before publishing, it means only the most useful news and announcements are placed on the dotnetcat.


Dotnetcat.com provides news from many sources all in one, assorted and hand-tagged. You can use Dotnetcat as a starting point in researching the modern streams of the .NET world.

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