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.NET Runtime Issues Fix illumos-x64 build dotnet/runtime/76497
ASPNET Core Issues [automated] Merge branch 'release/7.0' => 'main' dotnet/AspNetCore/44309
.NET Runtime Issues Revert change in AddInternedString dotnet/runtime/76496
dotnet o11y James Eastham Well that was a lot of fun. Open Telemetry in AWS Lambda with .NET 6, exporting traces to @honeycombio Tracing from an inbound API request, through SQS and SNS. Some tweaks to make around parent spans and propagation. But it's functional. dotnet o11y
DL ImpactAcademywithKumuyi DLconversations John Atoyebi I'm John Atoyebi, a dotnet developer. I'm proudly DL. ImpactAcademywithKumuyi DLconversations
.NET Runtime Issues [LinuxBionic] Disable RemoteExecutor during test runs dotnet/runtime/76495
csharp algorithm datastructure dotnetcore Jamil Hallal - .NET Enthusiast What is the optimal method to check if a number is composite
ASPNET Core Issues Fix typo link in aspnetcore docs readme dotnet/AspNetCore/44308
dotnet Hacktoberfest Michael Jolley Speaking of, if you're a dotnet developer looking to participate in Hacktoberfest, check out the Deepgram .NET SDK repo. I'm creating issues around all kinds of skill levels. Updating classes, adding tests, documentation. Get in there and contribute!
.NET Runtime Issues In Xamarin Forms, NetInterface.NetworkInterfaceType always return a value of 0 on Android. dotnet/runtime/76493
CoreCLR Issues AV under coreclr!GlobalStringLiteralMap::AddStringLiteral dotnet/runtime/76494
100daysofcode csharp programming Davies Dev 100daysofcode csharp programming C# Day 9: Integer Palindrome checker This challenge was from leetcode so I can test my strength in making actual algorithms
ObserveTheMoon piano Dmytro Morykit Music ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Chopin's nocturne in C-sharp No. 20 With film footage from NASA ObserveTheMoon piano
nowhiring Simulation Python Jobs feed Raytheon Missiles & Defense is looking for a Senior Systems Design Engineer - Re-Empower Return to Work Tucson, AZ, United States ( Cpp Simulation CSharp Python Cloud ) nowhiring Simulation
.NET Runtime Issues Lower `GetLower` nodes formed from `GetElement(0)` dotnet/runtime/76492
csharp dotnet news vscode ProdSens_live Bicep Extension Finally Arrives in Visual Studio! Here's What You Need toย Know Bicep, the open source project used by V... csharp dotnet news vscode
programming javascript 100DaysOfCode programmer python3 ุฌู…ุงุนูŠ #ููˆูŠุณ Programming javascript 100DaysOfCode programmer python3 Could you please suggest me a tutorial about design patterns. Any help would be more than appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚... Ok
.NET Runtime Issues Do not transform SIMD field access into HWIs in minopts dotnet/runtime/76491
careers Python Python Jobs feed Kyocera International, Inc. is looking for a Controls Engineer Vancouver, WA, United States ( Cpp CSharp Python ) careers Python
.NET Runtime Issues Re-enable DynamicGenerics test on OSX dotnet/runtime/76489
.NET Runtime Lab Issues NativeAOT-LLVM: Allow cast from i1 to i8 dotnet/runtimelab/2006
.NET Runtime Issues Intermittent build failure in AfterSourceBuild: "Could not write state file" dotnet/runtime/76488
.NET Runtime Issues Delete security object from GCInfo encoder/decoder dotnet/runtime/76487
CoreCLR Issues Delete security object from GCInfo encoder/decoder dotnet/runtime/76487
csharp LINQ dev khalidtip Count Khalid ๐Ÿง› #dropthedot ๐Ÿฆนโ€ The LINQ query syntax is criminally underrated. ๐ŸŽธ Here I use the let keyword to declare a record/item level variable, which makes for some sweet looking csharp code. Who else is using LINQ query syntax? @dotnet dev khalidtip
.NET Runtime Issues Change type of _version in List<T> from int to long dotnet/runtime/76486
ASPNET Core Issues StartupAnalyzerTest tests are not running and all have test failures dotnet/AspNetCore/44306
.NET Runtime Issues Block port# 5060 and 5061 dotnet/runtime/76485
CSharp 101 Hashtables and HashSets in C# In our article titled โ€œC#โ€Šโ€”โ€ŠCollectionsโ€, we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of collections and gave general information. Inโ€ฆ Continue reading on DeveLoopers ยป
Karen Payne Morning work, building an Core template for writing code samples
Daniel Marbach ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ Pretty impressive gains and cost savings: Microsoft Teamsโ€™ Infrastructure and Azure Communication Servicesโ€™ Journey to .NET 6
Sean Feldman Kudos to the @AzureFunctions team for making their work planning visible ๐Ÿ‘
Roslyn Issues CodeLens reports method references for unselected targets dotnet/roslyn/64422
dotnet RestEase replicatehq StableDiffusion Stef Heyenrath Initial NuGet from a dotnet API (based on RestEase) to interact with the replicatehq / StableDiffusion API can be found at 404 If you have questions or find a bug, please create an issue at the project page
dotnet insiderpreviewbuild Capt. Marlow The latest Science & Tech! Thanks to @windowscentral dotnet insiderpreviewbuild
.NET Runtime Issues Update src/tests infra to use `DOTNET_`-prefixed environment variables dotnet/runtime/76484
shorts csharp windowsform IT Tutorial IT C# Text Box Demo | C# Windows Forms shorts | Elangovan Tech Notes csharp windowsform via @YouTube
LoveConquersAll LoveIsWhatLoveDoes Cynthia Ward Good morning beautiful people!!! Have an excellent day!!! LoveConquersAll LoveIsWhatLoveDoes
dotnet developer pattern Marcus Vinicius Santana Silva ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ท The List Pattern is very interesting ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
ASPNET Core Issues Blazor WASM : IServiceProvider Reflection based Property Getter Exception dotnet/AspNetCore/44301
motakasoft GitHub Trending Archive, 29 Sep 2022, C#. Azure/azure-powershell, grpc/grpc-dotnet, umbraco/Umbraco-CMS, elsa-workflows/elsa-core, btcpayserver/btcpayserver, Azure/azure-sdk-for-net, mob-sakai/UIEffect, AutoDarkMode/Windows-Auto-Night-Mode
.NET Runtime Issues Standardize test script naming to CLRTestBa{tc,s}h{Pre,Post}Commands dotnet/runtime/76483
DEVCommunity dotNET The .NET Dev I recently discovered a small extension method over System.DateTime that gives its relative time readable for humans. Let's explore how it works! { author: @RicardoDeMauro } DEVCommunity dotNET
MD YASIR ARAFAT Hi @dotnet_maui Community, I am struggling much with Android Emulator. It ran successfully 1 day ago, but now displaying this message! Is there any complete guideline, preferably a video, for the newbies to set up to avoid pitfalls? I already went through the ms doc repo
.NET Runtime Issues Consider removing security object info from GCInfo dotnet/runtime/76482
dotnet dropthedot Davide Bellone ๐Ÿง #dropthedot Hey, look, the hashtag is dotnet, not! dropthedot
Hacktoberfest2022 Calvin Wilkinson (Kinson Digital) Happy Hacktoberfest2022 everybody!! If you are interested in dotnet and C#, I can help!! I have some issues created for you to pick up. I also have a discord channel!! Come stop by & we can chat, ask questions, and get some help from me personally.
csharp OSS Insight Bot Congrats to 404 which has grown by 154 stars in the last 7 days and has reached 903 stars. Thanks to the contributors: @thejoefin 404
dotnet DevLife Mafyou Wow. This collector!
classes personalclass personaldevelopment coaching Surendra Gusain DOTNET Institute SHARPENS their student's SKILLS with FREE Personality Development Class with every course. Join Offline & Online Download App 404 Call us: 011-40040815 | 9871876405 | 9555871895 classes personalclass personaldevelopment coaching
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