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.NET Runtime Issues Replace emtpy string literals in Marshal.cs dotnet/runtime/83928
.NET Runtime Issues Ensure kmask registers are marked available dotnet/runtime/83927
CoreCLR Issues Ensure kmask registers are marked available dotnet/runtime/83927
.NET Runtime Issues Preserve OCE.CancellationToken in ReadAtLeastAsync of StreamPipeReader dotnet/runtime/83926
CoreCLR Issues Preserve OCE.CancellationToken in ReadAtLeastAsync of StreamPipeReader dotnet/runtime/83926
.NET Runtime Issues Documentation for loading custom files in Blazor. dotnet/runtime/83925
CoreCLR Issues Documentation for loading custom files in Blazor. dotnet/runtime/83925
ASPNET Core Issues Enable custom ICU loading. dotnet/AspNetCore/47419
.NET Runtime Issues GetSystemTimeZones() returns incorrect StandardName etc. dotnet/runtime/83924
fsharp csharp chatgpt Danyl Novhorodov ChatGPT on C# and F# fsharp csharp chatgpt
datascience CSharp Data Science Jobs SHP is looking for a Data Science Engineer Goleta, CA, United States ( CSharp Python ) datascience CSharp
.NET Runtime Issues Read StartDiskNumber as uint32 dotnet/runtime/83923
dotnet AWS David Pallmann Blogged: Hello, Porting Assistant for .NET In this post we'll introduce the Porting Assistant for .NET tool and use it to migrate a .NET Framework application to modern dotnet (formerly called .NET Core). AWS
nowhiring CSharp Just Unreal Jobs Epic Games is looking for a QA Engineering Specialist Cary, NC, United States ( Cpp Unreal CSharp Python VR ) nowhiring CSharp
CO.KE Domains @849/= In windows hosting, we’ll provide IIS web server, .NET, Application frameworks, Microsoft SQL Server and Plesk control panel for hosting features.
csharp dotnet linq Ali TakeWhile is a LINQ operator that returns elements from a sequence as long as a specified condition is true. csharp dotnet linq
Bradley Wells "In this article, we will learn what MemoryStream is in C# and how to use it to manipulate in-memory data in a secure and realiable way."
ChatGPT Dotnet csharp Emmanuel Huna I asked ChatGPT to write code, implementing a method using the C# language - it answered perfectly in 3 seconds and better than most candidates I've interviewed in the past. 🧑‍💻👩‍💻👨‍💻 Dotnet csharp
dotnet developer @alanhyneman If you are a dotnet developer and you are not using SQL+ you are working harder than you have to. Checkout SQL+ and level up your data layer.
chatgpt openapi csharp John I Whetstone.ChatGPT 1.6.0 is released with support for gpt-turbo-3.5 and gpt-4.
Diwakar Rai Hiring 3-6 years experienced .Net Full Stack Developers! Location: Bengaluru/ Pune / NCR/ Combotore JD : C#, .Net, .Net Core, ASP .Net MVC, SQL, unit testing Bring your design expertise and programming skills to HARMAN. Work with like-minded individual…
Software Architecture architect cloud Alain Airom Important Software Architecture Terms Every Cloud Architect and Solutions Architect Must Know architect cloud
csharp csharptutorial dotnet6 dotnet aspdotne Usman Rafiq There are many ways to implement DropdownList and DropDownListFor in Asp Dotnet MVC, in this video we will see how to implement DropdownList, not DropdownListFor with inline data. csharp csharptutorial dotnet6 dotnet aspdotne…
dotnet blazor Weston Walker A little sneak peek of what I've been working on. Blazor Spark is a framework on top of .NET Blazor. It allows devs to get a web app up and running fast with lots of out-of-the-box goodies (think Larvel and RoR). dotnet blazor
GDC WeAreHiring WebDeveloper GDC IT Solutions Exciting opportunity at GDC, WeAreHiring a WebDeveloper in Mechanicsburg, PA. 8 years of related experience or a bachelor's degree in IT, with knowledge of ASP .Net Core, Entity Framework Core, and more. Git/Azure DevOps experience preferred.
csharp visual_studio msbuild visual_studio_2019 mt Programmatic.Solutions How to get latest windows sdk version path in prebuild and postbuild event of a C# project? - Visit for the answer. csharp visual_studio msbuild visual_studio_2019 mt
dotnet Weston Walker Need some help from my dotnet friends. I have a console app that runs commands itself for the user. Does anyone know how to get the output of the commands it runs? StandardOutput.ReadToEnd doesn't do anything it seems
ShenCoMusic Shenandoah Conservatory 🎼 Celebrate Mahler’s monumental and virtuosic Symphony No. 5 in C-sharp Minor and Maestro Jan Wagner's retirement from @ShenandoahU with the Symphony Orchestra! ShenCoMusic
csharp OSS Insight Bot Congrats to 404 which has grown by 229 stars in the last 7 days and has reached 259 stars. 404
entityframework dotnet csharp Trystan Lapinig-Wilcock Create an audit trail of your DbContext changes in entityframework by overriding SaveChanges dotnet csharp
.NET Runtime Issues Disable EVEX support until the bug can be resolved dotnet/runtime/83922
orlandocodecamp DotNet Azure Michael Rosario Excited for orlandocodecamp today. Great gathering of local devs. THANK YOU @ONETUG for building community today through this conference. DotNet Azure
dotnet programming coding csharp hashnode devleader Check this out! How to Tame “async void” in C#
CSharp 101 Implement State Design Pattern with EF core and dotNet Introduction Continue reading on Medium »
.Net 🇿🇦 I'm definitely putting Daano next to Kelvin Momo. 🤌🏽
Openings yathirigan Reports Developer Openings in reputed Org. preferably in Madurai 7+ yrs in .Net ( 4.5 & .Net Core) Developer with Strong Knowledge on Crystal Reports/SSRS If outside then, must be willing to visit Madurai periodically cc @teakkadai1
.Net 🇿🇦 Yup, he's a magician with the handles.
motakasoft GitHub Trending Archive, 23 Mar 2023, C#. testcontainers/testcontainers-dotnet, microsoft/semantic-kernel, ScottPlot/ScottPlot, Xabaril/AspNetCore.Diagnostics.HealthChecks, dotnet/MQTTnet, actions/runner, EsotericSoftware/spine-runtimes
KESHIA CHAMBERS Hey all,I am building a mobile app and I am using Firebase for authentication service and data storage. If I have a spare time, would you recommend me learning Node.js, PHP with Laravel, or
CT A comprehensive overview of authentication in Core
Yvonnecooper🥘 NET is a powerful, open source platform for creating applications and services using the .NET platform. With over 60 million active developers, .NET is a popular choice for developing software that needs to be scalable, reliable, and secure.
dotnet developertools sdks techniques risto-m ratilainen It is obvious that you have to time to time review and refresh your knowledge of tools to stay relevant. This video about .NET 7 ways to implement Web API’s is good example of the case. dotnet developertools sdks techniques
EF Core Issues [release/7.x] Fixes around IncludeExpression for ExecuteUpdate/Delete (30571) dotnet/efcore/30579
containers dotnet tooling development risto-m ratilainen Nice additions to tooling for working with containers in .NET 7 context. containers dotnet tooling development
dotnet csharp Mohamad Dbouk Did you know that C# 11 introduces a new feature called file-local types? This feature allows you to create a type whose visibility is scoped to the source file in which it is declared. This means that the type only exists in the file where it is declared. dotnet csharp
Bolton BoltonJobs UKJobs Bolton Jobs C# Developer - Home Based C# Developer Location: Home Based Salary: Circa 50K 60K + Benefits C# Developer required by well-established, global Top Tec... Bolton BoltonJobs UKJobs
DotNetNews DotNet Automated Yohan J. Rodríguez DotNetNews DotNet Automated | Read this on the web
Tom Porting an app to .net Core. Is it worth rebuilding the UI in ReactJS?
publichealth martin-pêcheur Intense deja vu: avoiding people & looking for otters on river bank at dusk, 3 y since first lockdown. my covid luck finally ran out (but fine now); otters still elusive. Lady of Lake fountain celebrates aqueduct from Loch Katrine. publichealth
DotNetNews DotNet Automated Yohan J. Rodríguez DotNetNews DotNet Automated | The 1st Alpha Release of System.Reactive.Async now on NuGet
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