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selenium specflow visualstudio csharp gherkin Meme Overflow Unable to locate element -- OpenQA.Selenium.NoSuchElementException
.NET Runtime Issues Optimize System.HexConverter.IsHexChar on 64 bits dotnet/runtime 52470
CoreCLR Issues Update mono workload id and version to match the workload spec dotnet/runtime 52468
Roslyn Issues EnC calculates line deltas incorrectly dotnet/roslyn 53263
.NET Runtime Issues MonoTests.System.Runtime.Caching.CountersTest.Basic_Counters fail in CI dotnet/runtime 52464
CoreCLR Issues [wasm] Turn on verbose emcc output when rebuilding the runtime in local builds dotnet/runtime 52467
CoreCLR Issues Fix `CreateDefaultBuilder_SecretsDoesReload` test failure dotnet/runtime 52466
EF Core Issues Flow project's nullable setting into design-time code dotnet/efcore 24855
ASPNET Core Issues InvalidOperationException dotnet/AspNetCore 32503
dotnet machinelearning mlnet Luis Quintanilla Skynet is here! @elbruno shows us how to use drones with Azure IoT to perform anomaly detection with ML .NET dotnet machinelearning mlnet
ASPNET Core Issues Validation (CSS 4.0) warnings appear when using ::deep with Blazor CSS Isolation dotnet/AspNetCore 32500
mlnet dotnet machinelearning IoT Bri Achtman Anomaly Detection using mlnet on a drone flying data from Azure IoT?! It's the last talk of Day 1 of Virtual ML .NET Community Conference! You can watch it live here:
CoreCLR Issues Fix over-zeroing of destination buffer for zero padding symmetric encryption dotnet/runtime 52465
Riza Marhaban ( 马瑞森 ) Awesome...! Core 6 and Authentication Servers
CoreCLR Issues Fix42292 dotnet/runtime 52463
ASPNET Core Issues Migrate DownloadFileFromAnchor test to Playwright dotnet/AspNetCore 32499
csharp Milan Martiniak My first attempt with a csharp Source generators. [ToString]
ASPNET Core Issues Core 6 and Authentication Servers Discussion dotnet/AspNetCore 32494
dotnet machinelearning mlnet Luis Quintanilla F# + .NET Interactive. @GBeyerle show us how to tackle machine learning systems in vertical slices.
DEVCommunity The .NET Dev Setting up an Nx workspace with nx-dotnet { author: @LayZeeDK } DEVCommunity
.NET We're now live doing API reviews.
.NET Runtime Issues JIT: defer crossgen update when trying to call unboxed entry dotnet/runtime 52453
c csharp Windows WarNov ☁ Excellent resource for learning the almighty c++ based on what you know about csharp and applieyto modern Windows.
BuiltWithDot.Net Web app built with .net core and c# by @fluxmatix. "You've guessed it - this site is built with .net! core mvc 2.1 to be exact. It uses Postgres as its database with entity framework core for data access. The app is ser…"
ASPNET Core Issues I still get this error dotnet/AspNetCore 32493
NetInsight DotNet Automated Yohan J. Rodríguez NetInsight DotNet Automated | Pulse Connect Secure VPN Gateway Has New 'Critical' Vulnerability Under Exploit
cs_internship csharp step11 Elahe Dorani Finally, I overcame the confusing difference between the .NET framework, .NET Core and its newer version, the .NET 5.0 ... It is all about the gradual development of the .NET capabilities to form a more unified platform! cs_internship csharp step11
jobfairy dotnet Azure Go Berkley Group Jobfairy We have a number of interesting career opportunities available in Cork & Dublin: 👨‍💻 UI Developer 👩‍💻 dotnet Developer 👨‍💻 Tech Architect (Azure) 👩‍💻 Back-End Developer (Go) 👨‍💻 Software Development Manager Apply ➡️
EFCore Rodrigo Nascentes I'm building a web app in and I'm so excited how EFCore is great. Wondering to drop out the stored procedures. As a DBA I cannot say it, I think
csharp VincentH.NET C# is winning globally. csharp all the things 😎
csharp { name: Jerry } 🖖 Discards in csharp are clear enough. But the syntax to deconstruct Tuples is down right amazing. @dotnet
John Hinz 3 simple ways to collect data for core applications post publishing to production
.NET Runtime Issues Assert failure: !"embedClassHandle" dotnet/runtime 52450
ASPNET Core Issues Arpow: GenerateFileFromTemplate task causes BuildTools prebuilt dotnet/AspNetCore 32492
Roslyn Issues Integration tests take a long time to fail dotnet/roslyn 53257
OnDotNET dotnet github codespaces RemoteDevelopment Cecil L. Phillip 🇦🇬 GitHub Codespaces is such an exciting project. If you're curious about the dev experience, check out the recording of our OnDotNET live session with @BrigitMurtaugh
csharp { name: Jerry } 🖖 The new csharp Targeted Type Expression syntax seems super-intuitive to me. Where has been all my life? If using var ever left you feeling dirty, here's a clean alternative. @dotnet
.NET Runtime Issues Yet another async over sync bug in HttpClient dotnet/runtime 52448
BUILD dotnet Scott Hunter I can feel BUILD is in the air this morning. Exciting dotnet stuff coming soon
Blazor Richard Wysocki Anyone have any tips on deploying Blazor to Azure. My one website works fine. This site only shows this error "can't currently handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500" Difference is this Blazor hosted site using Authentication. Does work locally to Azure DB
CoreCLR Issues System.exception building for iOS simulator dotnet/runtime 52447
dartlang Dart Hype Calling F#/.NET code from Flutter with Mono (2019) dartlang
.NET Runtime Lab Issues Marshal object as IUnknown dotnet/runtimelab 1089
dotnet developers Claudio Bernasconi What if I told you SpecFlow can potentially fix a lot of daunting and repetitive developer work? Read more in this extensive, 12 chapters post. It could be an ebook, but it's FREE. (video included) dotnet developers
sql aspnet Hasan Savran Step by step configuring new In-Memory SQL Session State for ASP .NET web application. sql aspnet
Roslyn Issues When Nullable is enabled, Roslyn incorrectly warns of possible null dereference when MemberNotNullWhenAttribute is used with logical or operators dotnet/roslyn 53255
Khalid 🪀 Hey @andrewlocknet! It would be cool to see your Simple Moving Average take in a IAsyncEnumerable and recalculate the average as new input comes in.
codingbootcamp java dotnet maximum MAX IT Training There are only two weeks left to register for our upcoming MAXIMUM Coding Bootcamp. Learn JAVA and .NET. Join us May 12th for our virtual open house.
java dotnet javadeveloper dotnetdeveloper OverOps Bob Kemper breaks down the challenges with error logging during the "4 BIG Software App Challenges For FinServ" panel recorded this week. The panel also features Anders Wallgren from @CloudBees! java dotnet javadeveloper dotnetdeveloper
Tech News Tweet Bot 🤖 'Hysteresis effect on threadpool hill-climbing' by algorithmsRcool Read more about this story here -->
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