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SQL Server Monitor with Version Control

monitor sql server processes and jobs, view executing sql query, kill process / job, object explorer, database shrink/log truncate/backup/detach/attach, object version control & compare
2 Dec 2011, 05:09:00   Source: SQL Server Monitor with Version Control   Tags: Source Control

Using Microsoft's Chart Controls In An ASP.NET Application: Exporting Charts

The Chart Web control makes it easy to display a chart in an ASP.NET web page - simply drag the Chart control onto the page, set a few properties and either bind it to a data source control or write a few lines of code that get and bind the data of interest. When a page with a Chart control is visited by a user, the Chart control renders an <img> element on the page that displays the rendered chart.

The Chart control is great for displaying a chart on a web page, but what if a user wants to view that chart offline, or send the chart to a colleague? In an earlier installment, Programmatically Generating Chart Images, we examined a number of ways to generate the chart image programmatically. This technique is useful if you want to modify the chart image before displaying it (to, say, add a watermark) or if you want to send the chart to a recipient via email. This technique can also be used to allow the visitor to export the chart image into an alternative format.

This article shows how to let users export a chart from a web page to an alternative format. Specifically, we'll look at adding an "Export" button to the chart web page that, when clicked, exports the chart displayed in the web page to either an image file that can be downloaded or as a PDF file.

5 Oct 2010, 19:00:00   Source: Using Microsoft's Chart Controls In An ASP.NET...   Tags: Source Control

Git, from a Developer's Perspective

What is Git? Git is a content-addressable file system wrapped in a version control system.That may sound complicated, but code snippets sometimes speak louder than words:

1 Jul 2010, 19:00:00   Source: Git, from a Developer's Perspective   Tags: Source Control

Team Foundation Server (TFS) API Wrapper

A simple wrapper that encapsulates exposed functions of the Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) client API
23 Jun 2010, 10:51:00   Source: Team Foundation Server (TFS) API Wrapper   Tags: Source Control

Programming Team Foundation Server with the TFS SDK

Team Foundation Server, Microsoft's offering for software lifecycle management, is both customizable and extensible through the TFS SDK.
29 Jan 2009, 19:23:27   Source: Programming Team Foundation Server with the TFS SDK   Tags: Source Control

Use Subversion Revision numbers in your Visual Studio Projects

SVN Keywords are not sufficient for retrieving the highest revision number for your project. This simple method solves this problem.

NArrange - .NET Code Organizer

NArrange is a stand-alone, configurable .NET code beautification tool that automatically organizes code members and elements within .NET classes. It allows developers to easily sort class contents according to their style and layout conventions. NArrange works by parsing source code files into a document object model, arranging the elements then rewriting the arranged source code.
12 May 2008, 03:13:00   Source: NArrange - .NET Code Organizer   Tags: Source Control Software

A Small-team Analysis of Visual Studio Team System

Although intended primarily for large teams, sometimes VSTS can simplify life on smaller teams as well. Find out whether your smaller teams might benefit.
26 Dec 2006, 21:16:58   Source: A Small-team Analysis of Visual Studio Team System   Tags: Source Control

Add Continuous Integration Capabilities to Team Foundation Server

Continuous Integration is an agile process that rebuilds a project whenever the underlying code changes. Find out how to modify your Team Foundation Server projects' "build types" to implement continuous integration features such as automatic builds, testing, and problem notification.
26 Sep 2006, 16:51:19   Source: Add Continuous Integration Capabilities to Team...   Tags: Source Control

Improve Code Quality with Unit Testing in Visual Studio Team Edition

Learn to use Visual Studio Team Edition's built-in unit test generation and code coverage analysis capabilities to ensure all your code gets tested.
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