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Complete VS2008/VS2010-Setup-Project with Add-In for Feature/SelectionTree

The Add-In complements VS 2008 around a new dialog Selection Feature to manage features.
28 Oct 2010, 12:18:00   Source: Complete VS2008/VS2010-Setup-Project with Add-In for...   Tags: Addins


Podium is a PowerPoint add-in and Windows Phone 7 app for controlling powerpoint from windows phone 7 devices
5 Oct 2010, 03:23:00   Source: Podium   Tags: Addins

Microsft Visual Studio 2005 Doxygen Add-In

This MSVS Add-in allows select multiple files contained in loaded solution and pass them to Doxygen. Also it gives availability to choose the name of the project and the destination folder. All other Doxygen options can be set using Doxywizard executed from the add-in. I tried to do it as simple as possible for future extension which will be done next time.
26 Jun 2010, 06:53:00   Source: Microsft Visual Studio 2005 Doxygen Add-In   Tags: Visual Studio Addins

Visual Studio 2005/2008 Addin to Open Src Files (*.h/*.cpp) Consistently on the Left/Right

Visual Studio 2005 Addin to open *.h files on the left and *.c/*.cpp files on the right
12 May 2010, 13:46:00   Source: Visual Studio 2005/2008 Addin to Open Src Files...   Tags: Addins

Code spelling checker extension for visual studio 2010 (VSX)

Building a spelling checker for source code as an extension for visual studio 2010.

Developing Visual Studio Add-in to enforce company's standard modification history

Using Visual Studio.net to develop Add-in to enforce company's standard modification history

Explorer - A Visual Studio 2005 add-in which interacts with Windows Explorer

This add-in adds the ability to open Windows Explorer at specified locations and to execute the application in 'Windows Explorer mode'.

Super Context Menu

Long time ago, I wondered how Microsoft Access put an Edit control on the context menu! Then I got another idea ... why don't we use any control(s) on the context menu? This will make the user interface easier to use, learn and increase productivity. The good news here is that, you can make it the same way you design a user control or a form using the Visual Studio designer..
11 Jun 2008, 12:12:00   Source: Super Context Menu   Tags: Visual Studio Addins GUI

SnipPit - A snippet Repository

SnipPit is a Visual Studio 2008 Add-In (and a desktop application is included too) that allows for storing, retrieving, and searching for code snippets. It allows for keywords, code/language types, multiple users, public and private snippets. It also provides a right-click menu within VS and comes with a desktop program for use in applicationss other than VS.
12 May 2008, 11:09:00   Source: SnipPit - A snippet Repository   Tags: Visual Studio Addins Software

A generic List and Dictionary Debugger Visualizer for VS.NET

This is a simple List<T> and Dictionary<T,T> debugger visualizer for Visual Studio.NET 2005 and 2008. The only requirement for it to work in that the classes inside the lists or dictionaries should be marked as [Serializable].

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