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dotnet Randy Skopecek Rebuilt “codedocs” for dotnet take a look. Feedback on the github repo would be helpful. Nuget currently targets netstandard2.
CoreFX Issues SqlClient minor cleanup to close old issues dotnet\corefx#34711
dotnet markmcardle Cloud, Data and AI Services training roundup September 2018 by SQLServer dotnet via DotNetKicks
.NET Issues Fix failure when using evaluation API to evaluate multi-targeted projects dotnet\sdk#2850
CoreCLR Issues Move MemoryFailPoint to shared CoreLib partition dotnet\coreclr#22104
Csharp Unity CryEngine RPDevJesco Here is the github repo I made for both my Csharp Unity and CryEngine implementation of the State Pattern used in Enjoy folks and I have started feeling better so the Unity video will be finished soon!
dotnet CHM Rich L All roads clearly lead to C# dotnet CHM
.NET Issues DateTime.Parse() doesn't work properly on arm (Raspberry Pi) dotnet\core#2238
Andy Booth So will new System.Text.Json support comments in JSON?
CoreFX Issues Replace hardcoded value (2) with TypeCode.DBNull dotnet\corefx#34707
NETcore csharp Oscar ☕️🍵 Is it safe to uninstall older version of .NET Core and just install the latest .NET Core SDK ? NETcore csharp
CoreFX Issues Update dependencies from dotnet/core-setup dotnet\corefx#34705
.NET Issues Mirror changes from dotnet/coreclr dotnet\corert#6854
Roslyn Issues Exposes additional compilation options to the scripting API dotnet\roslyn#32668
.NET Issues This one should be good dotnet\core#2236
Roslyn Issues Expose additonal compiler options to the scripting API dotnet\roslyn#32667
.NET Issues Update CoreFx to preview.19070.1 (master) dotnet\corefx#34703
100DaysofCode csharp Ejiga Peter 100DaysofCode csharp day 19: understanding delegates indept
csharp Code Review SE Can you answer this? Solving the Mining algorithm from HackerRank
motakasoft GitHub Trending Archive, 18 Jan 2019, C#. dotnet/wpf, bitwarden/core, aspnet/Docs, shadowsocksrr/shadowsocksr-csharp, dotnet/machinelearning, Unity-Technologies/ml-agents, AvaloniaUI/Avalonia, NickeManarin/ScreenToGif, aspnetboilerplate/aspnetboilerplate
Roslyn Issues Introduce Code Rewrite Rule for Optional Parameter dotnet\vblang#376
Valarie Beadle I fear for our children- where are their parents? 😔
C# OSS Incognito-lock - Lock a door using an arduino and a servo when an incognito window is open
.NET Issues "Invalid SizeParamIndex" in WebAPI sample dotnet\corert#6852
CoreCLR Issues Improve BinaryReader.ReadUInt32() perf by 30% when using MemoryStream dotnet\coreclr#22102
UnKnoWnCheaTs.Me Assembly-CSharp.dll by uc has been approved:
csharp Software Eng SE Why is it bad to use exceptions for handling this type of validation? It seems like it makes the cod...
Nesar Infotech INT Nesar Infotech hiring DotNet Developers for Mumbai location apply online at
cryptography cryptosystem securitysystem csharp current Martin Alex Okello cryptography cryptosystem securitysystem csharp current Best RSA 4096 and other variations of Key Length allowing multiplicity in Key Length. RSA 512, 1024, and 2048 and higher than 4096 bit RSA
CoreCLR Issues Use ReadOnlySpan.ToArray in places dotnet\coreclr#22101
alireza Just finished "Using HttpClient to Consume APIs in .NET Core" from @KevinDockx and must say couldn't have asked for better than that. Thank you
ASPNET Core Issues Update dependencies from dotnet/core-setup aspnet\Common#978
cSharp Company Visual Studio 2019 introduces exciting improvements and new features aimed at optimizing developer productivity and team collaboration:
.NET Issues Code referencing Hashtable class crashes ilc dotnet\corert#6851
UI Csharp VisualBasic dotNET WinForms Bunifu UI Create themed stylish date pickers that are consistent with other UI components. Learn how you can achieve this using Bunifu Datepicker in Csharp and VisualBasic dotNET WinForms
.NET Issues [automated] Merge branch 'release/2.1' => 'release/2.2' dotnet\buildtools#2215
motakasoft GitHub Trending Archive, 18 Jan 2019, Unknown. karthik/rstudio2019, kbroman/RStudioConf2019Slides, romenrg/evergreen-skills-developers, SwiftCommunityPodcast/podcast, alirizaadiyahsi/refactoring-guide-in-turkish, dotnet/try
.NET Issues Mirror changes from dotnet/coreclr dotnet\corert#6850
csharp developers hotverycool Do C# developers have 20/20 vision? csharp developers — (virallinkz) January 20, 2019
csharp developers VRL.NZ Do C# developers have 20/20 vision?
.NET Issues Test for negative offset passed to ArrayWithOffset dotnet\corefx#34700
CoreFX Issues ArrayWithOffset argument validation is missing check for negative offset dotnet\corefx#34699
sharplab csharp msil dotnet jason Just discovered this cool online tool: that lets you disassemble C# into IL or JIT Asm (that sounds way dirtier than it is) or view syntax trees...all from the comfort of your favorite web browser. sharplab csharp msil dotnet
Github Pull Request Issue: "dotnet/csharplang"
inexcusable_behavior Valarie Beadle A few parents need to re-educate their children on respect and heritage inexcusable_behavior
UWP CSharp Bagus Andryan Let's generate a thumbnail from a video file in UWP app!
dotnet Casey Collins Great time to be a dotnet Dev. Get on the band wagon!
Github Pull Request Issues: "dotnet/csharplang" Proposal: Auto implemented operators for equality and comparison []
Roslyn Issues Proposal: Auto implemented operators for equality and comparison dotnet\csharplang#2160
MR Visually describe the data models and generate C# model code as well as create the DB.