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The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Author:
Publisher: Dark Horse Books (29 January 2013)
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Make sure to check out the other installments in this unparalleled collection of historical information on The Legend of Zelda franchise with the New York Times best selling The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts and The Legend of Zelda: Encyclopedia. Also look for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — Creating a Champion for an indepth look at the art, lore, and making of the best selling video game! 

Dark Horse Books and Nintendo team up to bring you The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, containing an unparalleled collection of historical information on The Legend of Zelda franchise. This handsome hardcover contains never-before-seen concept art, the full history of Hyrule, the official chronology of the games, and much more! Starting with an insightful introduction by the legendary producer and video-game designer of Donkey…

Wordpress for Small Business: Easy Strategies to Build a Dynamic Website with Wordpress (Net Worth Guides)

Wordpress for Small Business: Easy Strategies to Build a Dynamic Website with Wordpress (Net Worth Guides) Author: Scott Wilson
Publisher: Tycho Press (15 July 2015)
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Your New Home on the Internet is Waiting

Once upon a time, if you owned a local bakery, you didn't need a website. Now every bakery, car wash, dentist's office, and nail salon has a website--and they need one in order to survive.

If you already understand your primary business, then your hard work is done. WordPress for Small Business will show you the rest. With step-by-step instructions and full-color screenshots, WordPress for Small Business helps you understand the WordPress options that are best for you, and shows you how to quickly build a dynamic web site that will improve your business. Step-by-step instructions with full-color screenshots Real-life examples of WordPress success stories Quiz to find out what type of WordPress site you need A guide to the principles of modern website architecture Pro tips for SEO, e-commerce, themes, widgets, and plugins

WordPress for Small Business gives you everything you need to expand your business online.

Facebook For Dummies

Facebook For Dummies Author: Carolyn Abram
Publisher: For Dummies (27 March 2018)
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Take control of your Facebook profile

When you join Facebook, you're joining a community with over two billion people spread around the globe. It helps to have the insight on not only how to set up your profile and add content, but also how to make sure you control who sees—and doesn't see—your posts. Facebook For Dummies provides the trusted guidance you need to set up a profile, add content, and apply the many tools Facebook provides to give you control of your content.

Primarily known as a way for individuals to share information, photos and videos, and calendar invitations, Facebook has gained prominence as a means to spread news, market products, and serve as a business platform. Whatever you’re looking to use it for, this book shows you how to use all the features available to make it a more satisfying experience.

  • Build your profile and start adding friends
  • Use Facebook to send private messages and instant…

Pro WPF in C# 2010: Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 4

Pro WPF in C# 2010: Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 4 Author: Matthew MacDonald
Publisher: Apress (31 March 2010)
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Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides the foundation for building applications and high-quality user experiences for the Windows operating system. It blends the application user interface, documents, and media content, while exploiting the full power of your computer's operating system.

Its functionality extends to the support for tablet PCs and other forms of input device, and it provides a more modern imaging and printing pipeline, accessibility and UI automation infrastructure, data-driven user interfaces and visualization, and integration points for weaving the application experience into the Windows shell.

This book shows you how WPF really works. It provides you with the no-nonsense, practical advice that you need in order to build high-quality WPF applications quickly and easily. After giving you a firm foundation, it goes on to explore the more advance aspects of WPF and how they relate to the others elements of the .NET 4.0 platform and…

.NET Programming with Visual C++

.NET Programming with Visual C++ Author: Max Fomitchev
Publisher: Routledge (10 January 2003)
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Packed with C++ code examples and screen shots, .NET Programming with Visual C++ explains the .NET framework and managed extensions to C++, and provides a complete reference to the basic and advanced types contained in .NET Framework System namesp

Seguridad De Redes/safety Nets (Anaya Multimedia/o´reilly) (Spanish Edition)

Seguridad De Redes/safety Nets (Anaya Multimedia/o´reilly) (Spanish Edition) Author: Chris McNab
Publisher: Anaya Multimedia-Anaya Interactiva (30 September 2005)
Price: $54.95  View »

Para conocer y subsanar las vulnerabilidades de un sistema es necesario profundizar en las características de los ataques a los que puede ser sometido. No obstante, muchos administradores únicamente logran alcanzar los límites de sus sistemas de forma casual. Con esta obra, descubrirá las estrategias que siguen los expertos

The Closing of the Net

The Closing of the Net Author: Monica Horten
Publisher: Polity (25 April 2016)
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A must-read for all students and followers  of  cyber-policy, this inspirational book discusses the back-story to current  attempts by States and corporations to control the Internet. It discusses the back story to todays political manoeuverings over issues like privacy, net neutrality and copyright in a way that is accessible to non-experts, and it provides a clear, authoritative context for academic study.

The Closing of the Net  explains:
·   why apps are not 'free' and how data profiling got into politics
·   why we got the GDPR and why Europe has stronger privacy laws than the US (despite secret lobbying by corporations and other governments)
·    how cloud service Megaupload was brought down
·    how the entertainment industries went head-to-head with Internet companies over online…

ASP.NET 4 Social Networking

ASP.NET 4 Social Networking Author: Atul Gupta
Publisher: Packt Publishing (23 March 2011)
Price: $49.99  View »

ASP.NET 4 Social Networking

Programming Microsoft .NET (Developer Reference)

Programming Microsoft .NET (Developer Reference) Author: Microsoft Corporation
Publisher: Microsoft Press (25 May 2002)
Price: $59.99  View »
Very good

The Microsoft .NET initiative builds on industry standards to make interoperable software services available anywhere, on any device, over the Internet. Behind the initiative is the Microsoft .NET Framework, which combines a managed run-time environment with one of the richest class libraries ever invented to make building and deploying Web-enabled applications easier than ever. Find out how to leverage the full power of the .NET Framework with this definitive, one-stop resource, wri tten by a leading authority in his trademark easy-to-follow, conversational style. You’ll learn about the key programming models embodied in the .NET Framework, including Windows Forms, Web Forms, and XML Web services. And you’ll benefit from a wealth of how-to examples, code samples, and complete working programs in C#.

Topics covered in this guide include:

  • Hello, .NET
  • Types and Exceptions
  • The .NET Framework Class Library
  • Windows Forms…

Pro WPF with VB 2008: Windows Presentation Foundation with .NET 3.5 (Expert's Voice in .NET)

Pro WPF with VB 2008: Windows Presentation Foundation with .NET 3.5 (Expert's Voice in .NET) Author: Matthew MacDonald
Publisher: Apress ( 1 April 2008)
Price: $54.99  View »
Very good

This book explains how WPF works from the ground up. It goes deep into the core of the technology in 800 pages of content-rich explanation. It will be one of the first books available on the topic, and also one of the most detailed. The book follows on from the author’s previous, and highly successful books, covering Windows Forms (WPF's predecessor technology) and earlier versions of WPF. It provides a one-stop shop in Apress’ proven ‘Pro’ style that leaves readers with a deep understanding of the technology and able to take the concepts away and apply them for themselves.

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