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Mar/April Editorial by Rod Paddock

10 Feb 2011, 18:00:00   Source: Always Be Learning   Tags: Examples

Writing a basic Windows debugger

Learn how you can write your own Windows debugger.
24 Jan 2011, 21:12:00   Source: Writing a basic Windows debugger   Tags: Debug Examples

Filtering a Grid of Data in ASP.NET MVC

This article is the fourth installment in an ongoing series on displaying a grid of data in an ASP.NET MVC application. The previous two articles in this series - Sorting a Grid of Data in ASP.NET MVC and Displaying a Paged Grid of Data in ASP.NET MVC - showed how to sort and page data in a grid. This article explores how to present a filtering interface to the user and then only show those records that conform to the filtering criteria.

In particular, the demo we examine in this installment presents an interface with three filtering criteria: the category, minimum price, and whether to omit discontinued products. Using this interface the user can apply one or more of these criteria, allowing a variety of filtered displays. For example, the user could opt to view: all products in the Condiments category; those products in the Confections category that cost $50.00 or more; all products that cost $25.00 or more and are not discontinued; or any other such combination.

Like with its predecessors, this article offers step-by-step instructions and includes a complete, working demo available for download at the end of the article. Read on to learn more!

18 Jan 2011, 18:00:00   Source: Filtering a Grid of Data in ASP.NET MVC   Tags: Examples

The Baker’s Dozen: 13 Productivity Tips for Using Microsoft PowerPivot and DAX Formulas

I know what you’re thinking: an article in CODE Magazine about Excel and PowerPivot? Yes, that’s correct; this installment of the “Baker’s Dozen” covers an important new tool to come out of Redmond: Microsoft PowerPivot. In a nutshell, PowerPivot provides some of the business intelligence capabilities that developers are accustomed to seeing in OLAP tools like Microsoft Analysis Services. So why should you and I care? Because these “end-user” tools still require some programming and configuration. So in this article, I’ll cover the installation of PowerPivot, a brief example of how to use it in Excel - and of course, since this IS CODE Magazine, I’ll show some DAX formula expressions to get the most out of PowerPivot.

27 Dec 2010, 18:00:00   Source: The Baker’s Dozen: 13 Productivity Tips for Using...   Tags: Examples

Checking All Checkboxes in a GridView Using jQuery

In May 2006 I wrote two articles that showed how to add a column of checkboxes to a GridView and offer the ability for users to check (or uncheck) all checkboxes in the column with a single click of the mouse. The first article, Checking All CheckBoxes in a GridView, showed how to add "Check All" and "Uncheck All" buttons to the page above the GridView that, when clicked, checked or unchecked all of the checkboxes. The second article, Checking All CheckBoxes in a GridView Using Client-Side Script and a Check All CheckBox, detailed how to add a checkbox to the checkbox column in the grid's header row that would check or uncheck all checkboxes in the column. Both articles showed how to implement such functionality on the client-side, thereby removing the need for a postback.

The JavaScript presented in these two previous articles still works, but the techniques used are a bit antiquated and hamfisted given the advances made in JavaScript programming over the past few years. For instance, the script presented in the previous articles uses server-side code in the GridView's DataBound event handler to assign a client-side onclick event handler to each checkbox. While this works, it violates the tenets of unobtrusive JavaScript, which is a design guideline for JavaScript programming that encourages a clean separation of functionality from presentation. (Ideally, event handlers for HTML elements are defined in script.) Also, the quantity of JavaScript used in the two previous articles is quite hefty compared to the amount of code that would be needed using modern JavaScript libraries like jQuery.

This article presents updated JavaScript for checking (and unchecking) all checkboxes within a GridView. The two examples from the previous articles - checking/unchecking all checkboxes using a button and checking/unchecking all checkboxes using a checkbox in the header row - are reimplemented here using jQuery and unobtrusive JavaScript techniques.

7 Dec 2010, 18:00:00   Source: Checking All Checkboxes in a GridView Using jQuery   Tags: Examples

Silverlight Simple Drag And Drop / Or Browse View Model / MVVM File Upload Control

An example of a Silverlight Drag And Drop / Or Browse File Upload Control using View Model / MVVM

BDD Primer: Behavior-Driven Development with SpecFlow and WatiN

Behavior-Driven Development techniques let you test and code in the language of your business scenario. We’ll explain how the BDD cycle wraps traditional Test-Driven Development techniques and walk you through an example BDD development cycle for an ASP.NET application.

Use jQuery and ASP.NET to Build a News Ticker

Many websites display a news ticker of one sort or another. A news ticker is a user interface element that displays a subset of a list of items, cycling through them one at a time after a set interval. For example, on Cisco's website there is a news ticker that shows the company's latest news items. Each news item is a one sentence link, such as "Desktop Virtualization Gathers Steam," or "Cisco Reports First Quarter Earnings." Clicking a headline whisks you to a page that shows the full story. Cisco's news ticker shows one headline at a time; every few seconds the currently displayed headline fades out and the next one appears. In total, Cisco has five different headlines - the ticker displays each of the five and then starts back from the beginning.

This article is the first in a series that explores how to create your own news ticker widget using jQuery and ASP.NET. jQuery is a free, popular, open-source JavaScript library that simplifies many common client-side tasks, like event handling, DOM manipulation, and Ajax. This article kicks off the series and shows how to build a fairly simple news ticker whose contents can be specified statically in HTML markup or created dynamically from server-side code. Future installments will explore adding bells and whistles, such as: stopping the news ticker rotation when the mouse is hovered over it; adding controls to start, stop and pause the headlines; loading new headlines dynamically using Ajax; and packaging the JavaScript used by the ticker into a jQuery plugin.

Read on to learn more!

30 Nov 2010, 18:00:00   Source: Use jQuery and ASP.NET to Build a News Ticker   Tags: Examples

Bulk CRUD operation using XQuery and reflection in asp.net

Easy approach to implement bulk CRUD operation using Xquery, reflection in asp.net with example
30 Nov 2010, 02:03:00   Source: Bulk CRUD operation using XQuery and reflection in asp.net   Tags: Examples

WCF by Example - Chapter XI - NHibernate Implementation

Unit of work pattern on NHibernate using repositories
24 Nov 2010, 08:12:00   Source: WCF by Example - Chapter XI - NHibernate Implementation   Tags: Examples