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I know I haven't posted for a while; I'm hoping that will change soon.  However in the mean time my daughter forwarded me this link because she thought it was cute.

The thing is, she didn't realize it should be my theme song.


It's rule #1


Now even Sesame Street agrees!  It must be right!


2011-09-20 14:41:00   Source: Measure!   Tags: Internet

Windows Phone SDK 7.1: Building a 'Mango' App

This article walks you through creating an application that uses three of the big new Windows Phone 7.1 features: local databases, live tiles and Silverlight/XNA integration. The theme of the application is mangoes—with mango recipes, mango cocktails and a mango shooter game.
2011-10-25 19:00:00   Source: Windows Phone SDK 7.1: Building a 'Mango' App   Tags: Database

Looking at Themes and Skins

In this screencast available here we take a look at one of the new features of ASP 2.0 called Themes and Skins. A theme is a collection of property settings that allow a Web page to define a common look and for pages and controls. Themes are made up of elements: skins, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), images and other defined resources.
View Looking at Themes and Skins
2006-02-06 05:36:00   Source: Looking at Themes and Skins   Tags: ASP.NET GUI

CODE Framework: Creating Application Themes

In prior articles, I have shown how to create WPF-based client applications using the CODE Framework and the default themes it ships with. This is a great way to create applications quickly yet make them very reusable and maintainable. However, using the default themes is just the tip of the iceberg. CODE Framework’s theming system is completely open and the default options are just that: defaults. And it turns out to be surprisingly straightforward to create your own themes.

2012-10-04 18:00:00   Source: CODE Framework: Creating Application Themes   Tags: WPF

Reflection Studio - Part 2 - User interface: Themes, dialogs, controls, external libraries

Reflection Studio is a "developer" application for assembly, database, performance, and code generation, written in C# under WPF 4.0.
2010-09-03 07:27:00   Source: Reflection Studio - Part 2 - User interface: Themes,...   Tags: GUI